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We are a family-owned residential cleaning service in Lowell. With over 20 years of experience in house and apartment cleaning, we have built an organization of expert and professional team which work hard in order to give their best service to satisfy your needs. We know how important is to make your house clean and hygienic for your family, we ease your burden of cleaning and give you and your family a fresh and hygienic environment. No matter if you need daily, weekly or one-time cleaning, our wide range of service plans help you get exactly what you need at affordable prices.

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Leave Your Residence to Us

Residential Cleaning and sanitation are very important for any home or apartment. That is why Bshine residential cleaning teams are there to help anytime you need us to clean every inch of your residence. Just give us a call and you will be glad to see the difference once work is done.

Bshine understands that residential cleaning can be challenging. Because it is a more frequently visited area of home or apartment. That’s why it is also a difficult task to keep it clean. Steam from the shower and sink creates the perfect atmosphere for dust, soap scum, and spotty mirrors because of frequent use. It is also obvious that the lack of cleanliness of a residence generates more complaints than any other area in the home. Bshine is here to help you keep your residence clean and reduce germs

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What Do We Clean in Your Residence?

Residential cleaning is a part of our house cleaning service So all surfaces throughout the residence. This includes baseboards, blinds, and wiping down windowsills. Our experts remove and scrub soap skin from your tub, shower, and tile. We also focus on sinks to remove all water spots, toothpaste, and soap scum. We clean the entire residence inside and out. We also vacuum bathmats and mopping the bathroom floor to remove hair and rubbles
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Tips to Keep your janitorial Clean

Bshine has 20 years of experience in cleaning residence of all types and sizes. Our team is highly experienced and professional in cleaning this area of your home. There are some residential cleaning tips that will keep your residence stay neat and clean

  • Have a small vacuum near the residence and give the residence rug and floor a quick cleanliness once-over every day.
  • Use a small mop after your morning shower to clean the glass and reduce water spots.
  • Keep a fresh candle in the residence for a good fragrance.
  • To reduce hair block, Try to keep a simple nylon net over the gutter in the shower.
  • Keep disinfecting wipes near the sink to quickly wipe off the faucet, sink, and countertops between cleans.
Professional Cleaning Services | Interior & Exterior Painting | Massachusetts - BShineHome
Professional Cleaning Services | Interior & Exterior Painting | Massachusetts - BShineHome

Our Residential Cleaning Procedure

Our residential cleaning service is carefully planned to deliver an absolutely shiny residence once our professional and experienced cleaning team is finished.
We take the following steps in every residence we clean:

• Remove rugs and hair from floors.
• Clear dust from pictures, blinds, shelves, and baseboards.
• Remove all the objects from your shower and apply a highly effective tile cleaner.
• Carefully wipe your tub and shower surround, making fixtures shine while removing any built-up soap residue.
• Clean, dry, and shine all tiles and mirrors.
• Clean your sink properly.
• Clean the entire toilet inside and out and clean it entirely.
• Finally, sweep and mop floors and empty the trash.

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Make your home cleaned your way with Customized Residential Cleaning Cervices Lowell, Massachusetts:

We at B shine home provide you house cleaning service according to your needs and requirement. Every household is different yet has different cleaning needs but not every residential cleaning service Lowell MA Company is flexible to work your ways. But we understand your concerns and will give you a customized service by keeping in mind your budget and your needs.

We have worked with every type of house big, small, and apartments as well. We have trained our Lowell, MA house cleaning employees to provide their best service in every kind of circumstance and environment. Our priority is to satisfy you and your family with a professional customized house cleaning service Lowell, MA.

Experienced Residential Cleaning Service Nationwide:

B shine home has over 15 years of experience in residential cleaning service in Lowell and Massachusetts. By providing a fine cleaning job nationwide we have built a reputation in our community that shows a record of happy and satisfied customers so you can choose your house cleaning services without worrying about whether you’re choosing an experienced residential cleaning service or not.
With our expert and well-equipped team of cleaning, we aim to provide a thorough job of your house and give you a clean and organized home. We work to give you quality House Cleaning Services in Lowell MA.

Working hard to provide your family with a hygienic environment with our House Cleaning Services in Lowell MA:

We know your top priority is to maintain your family’s health and provide them a clean and hygienic environment. We understand your concerns, our team is trained in house cleaning services Lowell MA and has enough knowledge on how to disinfect your house and clean thoroughly.
Our team will provide you a hygienic residential cleaning service with well-equipped and environment-friendly cleaning products which will be used to clean every corner of your house by our expert team.

A Professional House Cleaning Service According to your schedule:

With a busy life, it gets harder to maintain your work and house life. Managing the time of your Lowell, MA house cleaning service can be a headache. We at B shine are here to ease your life and give you relief from your stress. We promise to give you a scheduled house cleaning service daily at a time that you’re comfortable with.
We believe in professionalism and we will provide you a plan which will be approved after your consultation and requirement and that plan will be strictly followed so you could enjoy our service. We always provide a backup residential cleaning service Lowell MA in case of any emergencies so your life won’t be bothered and without you having a worry we will send local cleaning service Lowell MA to your house.

Trust a secure source for your Residential Cleaning Service Lowell:

It has become a tough job to find a quality house cleaning service in Lowell MA. There are a lot of choices across the country but there are few which are trustworthy and secure sources to rely on. B shine home is a locally owned family business that provides residential cleaning services across Lowell MA.
With over 15 years of satisfactory service, we have a trustworthy and secure service; we always do intense background checks before hiring any service and sending over to you. We ensure that our service is highly secure and trustworthy nationwide.

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